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Frequently asked questions

Are you concerned your dream of aging gracefully at home will be compromised because you are starting to need help with some chores?

Aging is a lifelong natural process, but not the end to a story. The process of aging is often characterized by at least some degree of physical and mental decline. Needing assistance with some activities of daily living is not unique to you it is part of a normal aging. Emerald Choice Homecare offers flexible options to assist you. We can provide you the support and care that allows you to preserve your independence and dignity at the place you choose to age.

Do you have concerns on how you can trust our caregivers in your house?

Emerald Choice is licensed by the Texas Health and Human services, our caregivers are screened, background checked, bonded and insured, protecting you from liability and theft.

How about your satisfaction with the performance and personality of the caregiver assigned to your care?

One of your many advantages of working with a boutique home care agency that is locally and independently owned as opposed to a large corporate owned franchise agency is, our caregiver matching process is done consciously rather than broadcasting available work hours to large list of caregivers and randomly assigning the caregiver with the open schedule.

Our process always begins by evaluating your needs, creating a customized care plan, and matching you with the best caregiver that is qualified to provide such care.

Even though we make the selection, you are not stuck with the caregiver that we assign, if you do not feel we made the right choice you can request a new caregiver until you meet the one that satisfies your needs. Your caregiver should be someone whom you trust, feel comfortable with, and look forward to her/his visit.

Our primary goal is to help you establish a long-lasting relationship with one permanent caregiver that enjoys working with you.

Do you feel that signing a contract with a home care agency is too binding, and too expensive? Are you concerned you will be required to pay for idle hours because of company policy?

Your experience with Emerald Choice Homecare agency is going to be different because we are an independently and locally owned boutique agency.

Decisions are made locally by the owner, the focus of our policy is not price or the competition, we pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide and the long-lasting impression we live on our clients and the families by positively impacting their quality of life.

Our free in-home consultation is not designed to assess just your physical condition, it serves as an introductory meeting to discuss all aspects of your well-being; Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual.

The outcome of our discussion will be co-creating a personalized care plan with the type of service that aligns with your current needs without compromising your safety and health.

What happens when you delay asking for help?

Two of the biggest risks for seniors are falls and medication errors.

The CDC reports that nearly a third of U.S. seniors fall each year and about half of all falls that require hospitalization take place at home. A NIH study also found that 40 percent of seniors take five or more prescription medications and 90 percent take at least one prescription, yet as many as 55 percent of seniors take their medications incorrectly.

How do I pay for the service?

These are the form of payments and plans we currently accept

  1. Private Pay
  2. Emerald Choice is an in-network community care provider with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
    You will need a referral from your local VA Medical center contracted network provider with Veterans affair,
  3. Veterans Aid and Assistance Program
    Veterans do not need to have a disability connected to their military service to be eligible for Veterans Aid and Assistance program if certain criteria are met.Veterans Who Do Not Qualify for VA Compensation May Qualify for the Aid and Attendance Pension Program.Veterans and their families have sacrificed so much to preserve and protect our freedom and values in the U.S. and the freedom of vulnerable people all over the world. Give us the chance to express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks by providing compassionate home care that preserves your dignity and self-worth.IT IS OUR HONOR TO CARE FOR VETERANS GIVE US A CALL
  4. Long Term Care Insurance –Long Term Care Insurance provides non-medical home care service.

To ensure smooth, successful LTCI claim handling, we have collaborated with a company that has been handling long term care                                           insurance claims for more than 40 years. We can assist with a full policy review, and getting authorizations filed.


Dallas and Plano Home Care Satisfaction Guarantee

Take advantage of our home care services risk-free with our satisfaction guarantee!

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If you don't absolutely love your caregiver and look forward to their visits, then we'll find you a new one until you do!


We are licensed, bonded, and insured to protect you from theft or liability.


All of our caregivers go through extensive background checks, training, and continued education to guarantee the best in the business.


We offer very flexible scheduling to accommodate any unique needs.


In general, home care services cost one-tenth as much as hospitalization and one-fourth as much as nursing home placement.


We accept VA benefits, long-term care insurance, and private pay to make Dallas and Plano elderly care accessible for everyone.


Unlike most types of health care, our Dallas and Plano Home Care services actually relieve stress and anxiety rather than cause it.

These 3 Simple Steps Lead To Independence For Seniors and Peace of Mind for Their Families


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