Welcome to our Dedicated, Dependable and Dignified Home Care Service

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Just because you need assistance with some tasks of daily living it does not mean you cannot continue to live a full life in the comfort of your cherished residence
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Our full-scale home care service model is focused on your health and wellness,YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY YOUR ILLNESS OR CONDITION.
We are looking beyond your physical condition.
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Healthy aging does not mean you have to be free of illness or frailties, well-managed health conditions have little influence on your overall well-being.
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Why are we the “Right Choice”

  • At Emerald Choice Homecare we respect the fact that you chose homecare over other options because you don’t want to surrender your individuality and independence.

  • Our goal is to personalize your care plan to meet your
           Spiritual needs
    and serve as your Trusted care advisor.

  • We focus on how we can contribute to your overall well-being not just your health challenges or limitations.

  • We are committed to refining our care model to support you live your best life in old age!
Barbie CordierBarbie Cordier
23:33 06 Jul 22
Emerald Choice Home Care is “head & shoulders” above the various home care agencies we’ve used. Beth heads up the agency; she selects and personally trains her great staff to the needs of the home bound. They are highly professional, totally competent, and genuinely caring caregivers. Beth is expert at coordinating the schedule to meet our needs. Their services are competitively priced & are, indeed, priceless. We highly recommend Emerald Choice Home Care. We would give them 10 stars if we could!
Jessie WoodJessie Wood
01:52 08 Dec 21
Emerald Choice came highly recommended by a reliable source. I met with Beth the owner, and she explained the services that the agency provided. She was very professional and polite. From the start, the care I've received has been nothing less than great. My every need was met with compassion, care, and concern. They made a positive impact on my quality of life. Without a doubt, I made "The Right Choice ". Thank you Beth.
Kristen CordesKristen Cordes
14:54 05 Dec 21
LIFESAVER!!Having a loved one at home and working through the difficulty of finding good home care was a major concern.Emerald Choice was an absolute LIFESAVER! As my husband needed more and more help/care at home, and Emerald Choice found the most loving, kind, generous, honest people you could ever imagine. The end of life for my husband was difficult, but I always knew he was getting the best care at home. The caregivers developed loving relationships with my husband and me.I honestly can not thank Emerald Choice enough for helping to make the most miserable time of my life just a bit easier due to the constant, consistent, loving, gentle, care they took with my husband.Having my husband at home with me until the very end was priceless. I know my husbands last months, weeks, days, hours were difficult, but being able to stay home and be cared for by me and loving caretakers was truly a gift to both of us.I had great peace-of-mind knowing that he would be loved while I was not at home, and I would be enormously assisted with his care while I was at home.Thank you Emerald Choice for giving me so much.
Pamela FarrisPamela Farris
14:49 21 Aug 21
Beth is amazing, compassionate, dedicated to her clients and staff. Fabulous option for one on one care!
Elizabeth RatliffElizabeth Ratliff
01:05 02 Jul 21
My dad started using Emerald Choice about 2 years ago. We met with Beth & she picked the perfect person to take care of my mother. The caregiver is reliable & compassionate and knew just what my mother needed & how to take care of her. My mother passed away last August but my dad is now in need of assistance & the caregiver provides the same high quality service & care for my dad. She is also very trustworthy. Beth checks on my dad and puts her customers first to make sure that they are happy. My dad tried using the home health care services where he lives but they did not compare at all with the services that Emerald Choice provides. I highly recommend Emerald Choice for your home care needs for your loved ones, you will know they are being cared for in a professional & caring manner.
Mrs HowellMrs Howell
16:32 18 Aug 20
I don’t Really write reviews, but I couldn’t hesitate to give Emerald choice one. From consultation miss Beth was so amazing she listened to all our concerns about my grand mother not only did she find us a very wonderful care giver but she always come and check on my grand mother.the whole family is pleased with her service. If you are looking for care for your loved ones this is the place.Thank you Emerald choice!!
What you should expect….

What happens when you delay asking for help?

Two of the biggest risks for seniors are  FALLS and MEDICATION ERRORS.

The CDC reports that nearly a 1/3 of U.S. seniors fall each year and about 1/2 of all falls that require hospitalization take place at home. A NIH study also found that 40% of seniors take 5 or more prescription medications and 90% take at least one prescription, yet as many as 55% of seniors take their medications incorrectly.

After observing the morbidity, mortality, and loss of independence our clients endure as a side effect of falls, we made the decision to incorporate fall prevention to our CORE mission and launched our “Intervene to Prevent Falls” Program.

  • Manager/ Care Coordinator – Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist – helps you optimize your environment in a way that allows you to live with less risk of falling.

  • Caregivers – Mandatory Fall Prevention in Older Adults course
  • Clients – Our in-take process for all clients includes fall risk assessment. 

Our Services

Wake-up and Tuck-in Services

  • Assistance getting out of bed
  • Bathing, grooming, getting dressed
  • Breakfast preparation & medication reminders.

  • Meal preparation and clean up
  • Assistance getting ready for bed / getting into bed.

Personal Care Services

  • Bathing and personal hygiene services
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Monitor client’s physical and mental state. Exercise, activities you enjoy. (gardening, walking in the park, or mall), hobbies (painting, drawing, knitting)
  • Transportation to medical appointments, social events, shopping, errands
  • Shopping, light Housekeeping and other household needs
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care -Due to the loss of memory and cognitive abilities, familiar surroundings are important to Alzheimer’s patient’s overall well-being and helpful to avoid triggers that cause more confusion in an already confusing world.
  • Parkinson’s, Diabetics, and other Chronic diseases

Respite Care

We are your support system to complement the time when family caregivers are unable to be there.

Our Caregivers

At Emerald Choice Homecare Solutions we understand our caregivers play a significant client facing role we make every effort to recruit caregivers with professional ethics, that are dependable and compassionate about helping others. All caretakers go through an extensive background check. We provide initial training and continuing educational support to our caretakers that allows us to guarantee excellent homecare service.

One of your many advantages of working with a boutique home care agency that is locally and independently owned as opposed to a large corporate owned franchise agency is that our caregiver matching process is done consciously rather than broadcasting available work hours to large list of caregivers and randomly assigning the caregiver with the open schedule.

Our process always begins by evaluating your needs, creating a customized care plan, and matching you with the best caregiver that is qualified to provide such care.

Emerald Choice is licensed by the Texas Health and Human services, our caregivers are screened, background checked, bonded and insured, protecting you from liability and theft.

Even though we make the selection, you are not stuck with the caregiver we assign. If you do not feel we made the right choice you can request a new caregiver until you meet the one that satisfies your needs.

Your caregiver should be someone whom you trust, feel comfortable with, and look forward to her/his visit. Our primary goal is to help you establish a long-lasting relationship with one permanent caregiver that enjoys working with you.



     Your caregiver
     should be someone
     whom you trust,
     feel comfortable
     with, and look
     forward to her/his
     Our primary goal
     is to help you
     establish a
    relationship with
    one permanent
    caregiver that
    enjoys  working
    with you.

704 E 15th St, Suite 107
Plano, TX 75074